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Egg Laying guide

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Egg Laying guide

Post by The WebMaster on Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:53 am

This is a guide to egg laying (under work atm)

Chicken ususally start laying eggs at 18 weeks. But it can really depend on the breed. Some chickens like sexlinks can lay at 16-17 weeks while other breeds like EE (easter egger) take longer.

The eggs usually start out small to medium in size and some may appear abnormal. This is due to the chicken just starting to lay. The egg should return to normal after a few days. If it doesn't it would be best to check on them. Some diseases have been known to mess with the eggs. Also some eggs may come shell-less this is from not enough calcium in the diet or just laying.

To tell if a chicken is starting to lay you can check the vent to see if there is any size difference. You can also look at the legs and wattles/comb. The darker the color the more likely they are going to beging to lay. Another easy way to test is the Squat.

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